This evening I headed out to Shafter Lake. I took some photos while walking on the lake. It was strange walking on the dried up lake because it felt like walking in gooey snow. The farther I went out, the deeper I began to sink.

The sun began to set, but the clouds were a little too low to the horizon to get a spectacular sunset, but I think this was still pretty nice.

On the way back, I remembered a windmill I had passed. I drove past the “No Trespassing” sign and grabbed a few pictures.

It was a nice evening trip. I couldn’t find the cemetery, as it had been moved from it’s original spot. Maybe next time.

Full Flickr set here.


4 thoughts on “Shafter Lake, TX

  1. More nice stuff. Thanks
    How ’bout a series of drum set closeups? You know, all the bits we don’t usually see.

  2. A friend and I once took her teen granddaughter with us to Frankel “City” and Shafter “Lake.” The granddaughter understandably felt slightly duped.

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