I had my camera with me when I was in Big Spring, TX, and on my lunch break, I decided to go through a drive-thru and get some food, then go exploring the downtown area. Even though the light is the worst for photography at noon, I decided to see what I could find anyway.

First I came upon the Petroleum Building that had interesting hanging lights. I took a few pictures of the front, then headed on. A little later, I circled around and found myself on the backside of the building. There were some pretty interesting things back there.

The building next door had a very cool rusty door on the back.

Also next to these buildings was an abandoned bank. The drive-thru lanes were still there, as well as an old sign.

From there, I drove down 2nd Street and down some side streets where I came upon an old café and an old tattooing parlor. I’m really not sure how long these have been closed down.

From there I decided to head back, but before I made it back to Gregg Street, I found the hotel that looks as if it’s being renovated.

There were quite a few things to take pictures of, and I could’ve spent more than an hour taking pictures. I’ll probably head back sometime to photograph the rest of the town, as well as the Big Spring State Park.

To see the full photo set, as well as view larger sizes, please visit my Flickr page.

2 thoughts on “Lunchbreak Photo Shoot

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    Truman Kimmey says:

    I was stationed at Webb Air Force Base in Big Springs from Feb 1962 until Nov. 1963-It was absolutely the worst assignment of my 20 yr. career.

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    Steven Maier says:

    Truman: Sorry to hear that! Care to shed any light on why it was your worst assignment, or is that classified?

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