I revisited the Hall-Bennett Hospital because someone told me there was a way inside. Previously, I had tried all the doors and had come up empty handed. This time, I was able to get inside and photograph this creepy hospital.

Church through a broken window.

Parts of the hospital were well lit, mainly where the boards were not covering the windows. Other areas made me glad I decided to pack a flash.

Down the hallway

Once again with an abandoned building, it seems the “taggers” had a field day in here. Writing stupid things on the wall and drawing obscene images. Do they really think that’s funny and cool? I find it extremely frustrating and annoying as a photographer. The majority of photos I upload don’t have their “artwork” because I don’t think it should be recognized. *end rant*

An escaping machine.

What shocked me most about this hospital was the amount of patient records and resumés that were laying on the floor all over the building. I’m not sure why these weren’t packed up when this hospital closed.

Dirty hallway

12 thoughts on “Hall-Bennett Hospital

  1. My wife and I have been passing by this old hospital pretty much every day trying to decide when to go in. We want to take some photos and do a shoot inside. My question for you is how were you able to get inside?

    1. I’m not sure I would recommend going inside now. A few days after I went in, the place caught on fire and a lot of it burned. The flooring in the upstairs section didn’t seem very stable at the time, so I’m sure it’s a deathtrap now! There was a window on the east side that was open when I went in. It’s been boarded up since the fire. I’m sure any other openings to the inside were closed up after the fire as well.

  2. hi im adrien i’ve been trying to do reseach on this hosital and i’ve always wanted to be inside.but i never could but at night time it’s always scary there is something there that is bad i’ve had nightmares of this hospital and the pations that where in there.i had gone last night 6/9/18 there is something bad there there is a little girl that you should not trust i wouldnt trust anything in that hospital but i would have loved to see the hospital more. thank you for reading

  3. Grew up in Big Spring. Love any historical photo’s in and around the city. Thank you for the Hospital photo’s, Even run down as it is your eye for these type photo’s is appreciated. Thanks.

  4. I have purchased this building and I would appreciate it if people would stop trespassing. It is now alarmed and I don’t want anyone to get in trouble. After we have stabilized it, we will accept photography requests.

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