This weekend I took a trip up to the Amarillo/Canyon area to visit Palo Duro Canyon State Park. The clouds were out in full force and they really make my photos look a lot better. The wind, however, was a constant battle. It had to be gusting around 20-30mph all day long.

Climbing up the side of a mountain was pretty treacherous. You could stand still to take a picture, but would immediately have to catch your footing, or be blown off the side of the mountain. I did lose my hat at one point, but recovered it on the ground later on.

The whole park was pretty impressive. There’s a lot to see and tons of trails to hike/bike. One trail led to a large looking cave, but one you’re inside, it’s quite shallow. Still, it made for some good photo-ops.

These are just a few photos I selected, so if you’d like to see the full set, please visit the Flickr Set.

1 thought on “Palo Duro

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    Jason Cargill says:

    These are very nice! The clouds sure added a wonderful something extra to the shots.

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