I had to go to the Dallas area for a conference for work, so I decided to go down a day early in order to find some things to photograph. I ended up at the Forth Worth Botanical Gardens for most of the day. It was such a peaceful place and a great place to take lots of photos.

The first stop was the rain forest area (cost $1). There were so many plants and flowers I had not seen before.

Next up, I headed toward the Japanese Garden. To get there, you have to pass though a few more gardens.

I finally made it to the Japanese Garden and went inside (cost $4). I could’ve probably spent all day here.

As soon as you walk up to the edge of the water, the fish will head straight to you. This is because there are fish food dispensers all around the area, and as soon as the fish see a human, they know they’re going to get fed. Since I just snapped their picture, I’m sure they were disappointed.

If you’re looking for a place in eastern Fort Worth to spend some time, or if you just want to get away from the city, be sure to check out the gardens. There’s only two places that you have to pay to get into, and the rest of the area is free.

You can see the entire Flickr set here.

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