Results of the Photography Weekend

I hit up two semi-ghost towns this weekend: Barstow and Toyah. Both are near Pecos, TX, and both are what I would call semi-ghost towns. People still live here, but for the most part, the towns are full of run down and abandoned buildings/houses. People in both towns didn’t seem to mind a photographer walking around, as I got a few ‘honk-and-waves.’

Barstow, TX Main Street
First up was Barstow, TX. The main street had a strip of abandoned store fronts, an old bank, and a small but working post office. Off the main street was an old, abandoned school. I really wish I could’ve found a way inside, but they had everything boarded up tight. Maybe I should’ve asked one of the locals.

Toyah, TX School
Next was Toyah, TX. I had searched beforehand on Flickr to see what was interesting to other people and images of this school kept popping up. Some had even gone inside the school, so I was anxious to see if that was still possible. I messaged a guy on Flickr and asked if it was easy to get in. He told me that it was, and I should take a respirator, because of all the pigeons inside. Good thing I asked, and good thing I bought some respirators. The inside was disgusting.
Inside the school
After I spent almost half an hour inside the school, I drove around the town and found the local cemetery.
I started taking pictures of the tombstones, many which date back to the late 1800s (and were still in fantastic shape), but I noticed a trend. There were lots of infant graves, with many not living past one year. It got kind of depressing, picture after picture, seeing all these graves.

So that was my experience this past weekend. I love finding places like this and exploring them (especially when you run in to locals that don’t care that you’re there).

If you have an interest in things like this, I would suggest checking out Texas Escapes. They have broken down different areas of states with ghost towns, and even photos. This is helpful, because you really don’t want to go to a town where nothing is standing.

Also, you can look at all of my photos from this weekend on Flickr.
Barstow, TX
Toyah, TX

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