The Glif [iPhone 4]

The Glif tripod mount & stand for iPhone 4 was a Kickstarter project from two guys from New York. Needless to say, they weren’t the only two people that thought a tripod mount was needed for the iPhone 4. In fact, they had 5,273 backers pledge $137,417 (they just needed $10,000!). I was one of the backers, so as soon as the production started on the Glif, I got one. These guys did such a great job at informing the backers of what all was happening with the design and even the manufacturing process (unlike some companies… *cough*WakeMate*cough*).

As I opened my mailbox today, there was a package in it and I didn’t remember ordering anything. Once I opened it, I was very excited. I’ve been waiting to see just how good the Glif is.

The Glif fits great around the iPhone 4. Not only is it a tripod mount, but it’s a stand as well.

You can use it as a landscape or a portrait stand (good for FaceTime).

Next, I mounted the Glif on my monopod and it worked great. Since it’s such a tight fit, I was even comfortable enough to turn it upside down, and it worked great.

If you’re looking for an extremely easy tripod mount for your iPhone 4, look no further than the Glif. Using the monopod really added enough weight to make the video extremely smooth when moving around. I even tried turning the monopod upside down so the iPhone was close to the ground and it worked very well.

It’s backordered as of this post, and is available for $20 from Studio Neat.

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