Finding a Decent PS3 Media Server for the Mac

I bought a PS3 just before Christmas and found out you could stream photos, music, and videos from your computer to it, but you had to have the right software. It turns out there are quite a few for the Mac:

Now you would think with all these choices, I’d find something. That’s not the case. They all have their little quirks that really tick me off at times.

First I started out on MediaLink. It was awesome. Everything worked great. One day they updated the program and it constantly crashed in the middle of me streaming a TV show to my PS3. This got old fast, and continued to happen even after I re-installed the software multiple times. Goodbye MediaLink.

Next up was the PS3 Media Server. It’s written in Java (need I say more?). This app couldn’t even see my PS3 from the get go, even on multiple re-installs of the software. Goodbye PS3 Media Server.

I’m not doing so good, so let’s hope my luck changes. Enter TwonkyMedia. This one is different because it’s an app, but it runs in a web browser and has a super easy interface. This one worked fantastic for months. I was sold on this app. One little problem I had with it was when I added new media to a folder, it wouldn’t update no matter what I did. Then one day I decided to add my music folder, so I could stream that to the PS3. What? It can’t find the configuration page? Are you kidding me??? After browsing their horrible forums, I came to the conclusion that they don’t care about their Mac users. Thanks, jerks. Goodbye TwonkyMedia.

Next up (is this ever going to end?) is Majestic Media Server. This one is free. Yes, in a land of paid media servers (minus the Java server), there is a free one that does it’s job and does it well. Out of all the programs I’ve tried, it’s the most Mac like.



It looks like I’ll be sticking with Majestic for now. I really like the ease of use and the simpleness of the app.

If you’re looking for a GREAT app to take control of your media and stream it to your PS3 from your Mac, look no further than Majestic.

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  1. Thanks for the review – wonder if you have an update on this for 2012?

    I used MediaLink a while back when it worked fine, but have been having some issues recently. I’m using a Mac Mini with Lion as my hub.


  2. Steven Maier says:

    Thanks for the comment, but I don’t have an update for 2012. I actually bought a Mac Mini (HDMI) and have it hooked up to my TV, who I don’t use the PS3 to stream media anymore.