Air Force Academy Chapel – Colorado Springs, CO

I remember visiting the chapel when I was younger (probably 15 years ago or so. Wow, that makes me feel old.), but I don’t remember anything about it except for the outside. The architecture of the chapel is incredible.

Above are a few pictures taken from my vacation this year. Now that I have a good camera, I was really looking forward to going all these places and trying to capture it in a different way. Hopefully that comes across.

Inside the protestant church, the ends of the pews are shaped like the chapel roof, pointed towards the heavens (5th photo). The 4th photo is the ceiling. If I went to church here, I would be staring at the architecture instead of listening to the sermon.

In the Catholic section, the light was extremely low inside, but luckily I had my 50mm I had just purchased the week before we left. (Nothing like the last minute, eh?) The first two photos were taken with the 50mm with no flash. It’s really impressive, and I love that lens.

To see more photos from the chapel, view my Flickr set.

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