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Lunchbreak Photo Shoot

April 10, 2010

I had my camera with me when I was in Big Spring, TX, and on my lunch break, I decided to go through a drive-thru and get some food, then go exploring the downtown area. Even though the light is the worst for photography at noon, I decided to see what I could find anyway.

Shafter Lake, TX

November 26, 2009

This evening I headed out to Shafter Lake. I took some photos while walking on the lake. It was strange walking on the dried up lake because it felt like walking in gooey snow. The farther I went out, the deeper I began to sink.

Ghost Town – Bomarton, TX

November 15, 2009

On my way back to my parent’s house in Wichita Falls, TX from Midland, TX, I’ve passed this abandoned house many times. I’ve always wanted to stop and get some pictures. But this time, I noticed a large, brick building in the trees. How I’ve never seen it before, I’ll never know. When I headed Read More

Results of the Photography Weekend

November 8, 2009

I hit up two semi-ghost towns this weekend: Barstow and Toyah. Both are near Pecos, TX, and both are what I would call semi-ghost towns. People still live here, but for the most part, the towns are full of run down and abandoned buildings/houses. People in both towns didn’t seem to mind a photographer walking Read More

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