Old Equipment

April 10, 2010

My parents live out in the country near Holliday, TX (which is close to Wichita Falls, TX). Today my Dad took me out in the pasture where there was some old power equipment and oil field equipment.  Read More

An Easter Shoot

April 2, 2010

A friend of mine asked me to take her kiddo’s picture so they could have a few pictures for Easter. It was a tough shoot since: a) I only shoot landscapes/non-living things, and b) he’s a little over 1 year old. I was getting free food out of the deal, plus it would give me a chance to practice shooting actual people.

We decided to go to the duck pond here in Midland to get some shots. When he got outside, it’s like he went deaf. He wouldn’t look at the camera no matter how many times you said his name, plus he would run straight for the water (especially if there were ducks there). A few times I was shooting consecutive shots hoping to get a good picture, then I would have to reach my arm out and grab him just before he fell in the pond.

Anyway, enough babbling about how difficult it was. This is my favorite shot from the shoot. There were some other good ones, but this one just really stood out to me.

Shafter Lake, TX

November 26, 2009

This evening I headed out to Shafter Lake. I took some photos while walking on the lake. It was strange walking on the dried up lake because it felt like walking in gooey snow. The farther I went out, the deeper I began to sink. Read More

Something Strange.

November 22, 2009

The other night I was practicing the drums, and once I was done the first thing I saw was a huge half moon. It was low to the horizon so I knew I had to hurry (since I left my camera at home. Argh). I grabbed my camera and headed out of town to get a clear picture. By the time I got to where there were no obstructions, the moon had already disappeared below the horizon.

I decided to keep going down Holiday Hill Road, and was glad I did. On the side of the road was a piece of tire that was on fire (I couldn’t figure out how to say that without making it rhyme.).

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