Hall-Bennett Hospital

January 20, 2013

I revisited the Hall-Bennett Hospital because someone told me there was a way inside. Previously, I had tried all the doors and had come up empty handed. This time, I was able to get inside and photograph this creepy hospital.

Church through a broken window.

Parts of the hospital were well lit, mainly where the boards were not covering the windows. Other areas made me glad I decided to pack a flash.

Down the hallway

Once again with an abandoned building, it seems the “taggers” had a field day in here. Writing stupid things on the wall and drawing obscene images. Do they really think that’s funny and cool? I find it extremely frustrating and annoying as a photographer. The majority of photos I upload don’t have their “artwork” because I don’t think it should be recognized. *end rant*

An escaping machine.

What shocked me most about this hospital was the amount of patient records and resum├ęs that were laying on the floor all over the building. I’m not sure why these weren’t packed up when this hospital closed.

Dirty hallway