Hall-Bennett Hospital

January 20, 2013

I revisited the Hall-Bennett Hospital because someone told me there was a way inside. Previously, I had tried all the doors and had come up empty handed. This time, I was able to get inside and photograph this creepy hospital.

Church through a broken window.

Parts of the hospital were well lit, mainly where the boards were not covering the windows. Other areas made me glad I decided to pack a flash.

Down the hallway

Once again with an abandoned building, it seems the “taggers” had a field day in here. Writing stupid things on the wall and drawing obscene images. Do they really think that’s funny and cool? I find it extremely frustrating and annoying as a photographer. The majority of photos I upload don’t have their “artwork” because I don’t think it should be recognized. *end rant*

An escaping machine.

What shocked me most about this hospital was the amount of patient records and resumés that were laying on the floor all over the building. I’m not sure why these weren’t packed up when this hospital closed.

Dirty hallway