Ghost Town – Bomarton, TX

November 15, 2009

On my way back to my parent’s house in Wichita Falls, TX from Midland, TX, I’ve passed this abandoned house many times. I’ve always wanted to stop and get some pictures. But this time, I noticed a large, brick building in the trees. How I’ve never seen it before, I’ll never know. When I headed back home to Midland, I decided to stop and take some pictures.

This is the town of Bomarton, TX. This was probably the school. It’s really large considering the town’s size now, which I would guess would be in the teens. It was really cool walking around and trying to re-invision the past while snapping photos.

They had some really interesting designs. The front even had a curved ceiling, which I’m guessing was the entrance. It’s hard to imagine people actually filling this building.

Next up, and right across the highway, was a church that I’d seen the steeple sticking out of the trees whenever I would come back home. I decided to hop the highway and check it out. I’m glad I did. Turns out, it’s the St. John Catholic Church. It was built in 1936 and is no longer in use, but open to the public (Yay!). I love a place where I don’t have to “break in” to get some good pictures.

The inside was in pretty good condition. The floors were extremely creaky, which gives it the kind of creepy feeling I love.

There was a balcony in the back that had a ladder built into the wall for climbing up into the steeple. I figured I would give it a shot. I did stop right when the ladder turned into the wood steps. It didn’t feel too sturdy, and I didn’t want to risk falling to the ground if one broke. I’d sure hate to hurt my camera.

I did get this shot of the stained glass window that’s on the third story of the church.

I didn’t see any cars, other than the ones flying by on the highway, so it’s a pretty quiet town. The church had a clipboard for visitors to sign. The last person that visited was there 5 days before I was there, which was kind of surprising, not to mention the fact that he was from Big Spring, TX (close to Midland).

I might stop here again to see how much farther I can go up the steeple. I know, I know. It’s dangerous. It might be worth it.

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